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Soft materials and devices (RT 659)

This course introduces basic concept and development of soft electronic devices including both flexible and stretchable electronics. Key materials and general fabrication approaches for soft electronic devices will be mainly provided in addition to several theoretical basics for soft electronics. Various types of soft electronic technologies such as sensors, energy devices, and electronic components as well as their applications are also introduced.

Introduction to Semiconductor Physics (EE 304)

This course is an entry-level course for those are interested in the principles of semiconductor devices. The course introduces fundamentals of semiconductor physics and devices. In particular, topics in semiconductor physics include elemental quantum mechanics, energy band theory, carrier transport, and junctions in semiconductors. Topics in semiconductor devices mainly include pn junction, and light emitting diodes.

Micro/Nano Engineering (MECH 402)

This course introduces overall history and development of microelectromechanical system (MEMS). Main components including sensors and actuators and microfabrication process for the MEMS will be mainly provided in addition to relevant theoretical basics and applications. This course provides a basic understanding regarding MEMS based on comprising components, microfabrication process, and applications. 

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